tech help in Google+

Hey buddy

I’ve found a free resource in Google+ that can make remote help with technology issues easier.
I’ll put in a couple of pictures that can help you access that resource.
To enter your google plus account. Click there when you are in your Gmail account.

That should cause a new tab to open in your internet browser [Google+].

In order to use the “hangout” where I can more easily help you with that technology question go over to the right side of the screen here.


image from right side of Google+ home page

Since you are starting this hangout you will want to invite ME [Ian Smiley] to the hangout. Type Ian Smiley into the invitation text field and then click on the green “Invite” button.

image of hangout invitation form

Once you do that the hangout will load and when it does it will let you that

image of hangout waiting screen

the hangout is waiting for other people [me] to enter it. When you see this window above please notice the “screen share” resource in the upper left hand corner. In this picture I have drawn an arrow to it. We will use that part of the hang out so that we can practice doing some easy content management for “”

conclusions on text wrap possibilites

I find myself unsure of conclusions for my experiments with the changing the “style.css” file associated with the “Mantra” theme I have installed on the production version of and on the test version of the site.

When I started using the test site I had it still on the default theme for appearances and behaviors for pages and posts and menus. I tried out text wrap around images and it seemed to work fine with no special effort. I assumed it would also work just fine in the production version of the site, which was running on the “Mantra” theme. When I wrote a

image of a blog post

Text wrap did not work in the post

post on “Wrapping text around your images” text would not around the image the way I expected it to. Perhaps it will not here either. That is why I wrote the post “learning text wrap“. It serves as documentation of my process for exploring that possibility in WordPress. However, I began to find even as I started to learn how to wrap text around images in posts and on pages, that while text wrap was not working in some places, it was working in others. I first found that when I was able to edit the page “UVM Burlington local sing” so that text did wrap around [or next] to an image the local sing location.

I decided to proceed with my project for learning to wrap text around images, and perhaps altering the files which control those abilities. I found instructions for making styles to allow text wrap in the lessons for WordPress beginners.

image from lesson

These instructions show how a style file might be altered

I decided to download the “style.css”for my test site file from the server and insert the code which you see in this image here.  I chose a spot in the file that was about style for images and I inserted that code. Then, because I knew I might want the original file later, I renamed that the original “style.css” style in the server, and uploaded the altered “style.css” file into the server for the test site. Since I had changed the “style.css” file that WordPress uses for the test site I had thought that the behavior site regarding images and text wrap might be different.

Sadly, I find that I do not have conclusive evidence that difference. Right now I am writing in the production version of the site, where I have not changed the “style.css” and I find that text wrap can work around images in certain situations and from certain choices, but in others.

For instance, I believe that when I attempt to upload/insert media directly from a file on my computer, text wrap may never work. Instead I think it might be more productive to attempt to wrap text around media from the Media Library instead.

images showing options

Choosing media sources

In addition, I may find that text will not around images that are larger than “thumbnail” size. If that is a limitation here, perhaps that is because I have not altered the “style.css” file that controls this site like I have for the test site. I can try copying and pasting everything from this editing form and pasting it into the same form on the test site. Here goes with that.

In the test site I wrote a blog post which suggested that images might get text wrap behavior where I could not in this site. I am diligent in my testing though, and I found that when I deleted the image shown above and inserted it again, and chose a right alignment

part of the media editing form

Place where you choose alignment

, there was some appearance of text wrap, where there was not before.

In conclusion, I will weakly say that adding the alignment code

image from lesson

These instructions show how a style file might be altered

to the “style.css” file for the Mantra theme may not make that much difference to text wrap behavior. I cannot prove that the code you see on the right side of the screen does make a difference for text wrap. Given that ambiguity, I am not going to insert that code into the “style.css” file used by my production site. Instead I will move on to other test projects to try on my test site. The next project I have in mind for my test site to try out some audio/video players that I will acquire as “plugins.”

learning text wrap

I wrote a post in this site suggesting I knew how to wrap text around images because I was able to use that ability ability in the test site for this one. You might navigate to that site by clicking on the image below.

post on test site of

this a page I wrote to try out text wrap.

Or if that does not work, I have something more about creating “links” in this site.

Hopefully that is not the case.

Thankfully I know where to in order to learn about changing this site so that it will allow text wrap. If you are a user of this site you will able to learn this way.

Here is what I will do.

  • I am going to
  • click on help
  • click on “support forums”
  • in forums click on “docs” up at the “head” of the page
  • in the first group on the “docs” page called WordPress for beginners choose
  • “wrapping text around images”

Phew! I know that was not too easy.

I look at this lesson and I see that it tells me that I need some specific pieces of code in the file that controls the appearance and visual related behaviors on the pages of I know that I chose a specific template available from WordPress, available because this site has paid hosting. Evidence suggests that the template I chose does not include the code shown on the page for this lesson.

I consider that I might copy a paste the code which I see in that lesson into the style.css for the template which controls this site, but I worry that I could mess up my site by doing that. That was what the test site was for. Right now the test would be no good for testing that change, because it’s style already includes those codes that allow text wrap.

What I will have to do is install the theme already forming onto the test site, and then see about inserting the codes into the style file there.

That is the next step.

Wrap your text around media files

A user of asked me if it is possible to wrap text around an image in post or page on this site.

It should be fairly easy to do this.

I have written a post in the test version of this site in order to learn about text wrapping around images.

In those post I have inserted a “thumbnail” size image of that post where I first tried text wrap. Unfortunately, the code that controls the layout of elements on these post and pages may not allow for text wrap. Since I have not yet set this site up so that text wrap works I am going to make the image you see below a “link” to the test site, where it is allowed.

2012 VT Annual Shape Note Singing in Burlington - Alto Section

altos read their music

post on test site of

this a page I wrote to try out text wrap.