Tom Malone teaches very young singing leaders

“trilliumlane” took this video while she was at the singing school and put it on her YouTube page.

Dr. Tom Malone gave a singing school in S. Hero VT over the first weekend of June, 2012. He was ably assisted by friends Joanna Lampert, and Justin Squizzero.

In his singing school Tom focused especially on developing the confidence and skills of very young singers.

These children came up to S Hero with their family from New York and Massachusetts. During the school, Tom set aside sessions where he called exclusively on the youngest singers to answer questions about shape note music technique and to choose and lead songs from The Sacred Harp, and also from his book of shape-note compositions, the Champlain Harmony. We may see more of Tom Malone in VT for singing schools this summer. There is talk of him offering a singing school around the time of the Jeremiah Ingalls All Day Singing, perhaps on July 20th.