a profile for your local singing

I have been on hiatus from developing this site for a months, but now I am going to add it back into my mix of things.

All the communications organizers of local singings in VT have been invited to create pages with information about their local sing. A couple of sings have done that already.

I also want to encourage any of these organizers or any local singer at all to write a more personalized profile of their local singing. This profile could appear on the website as a blog post or another web page linked to the page for the local singing. If you are interested in welcoming new singers to your local singing this could be one way for you to communicate to new singers what you are about. Since people are relying on the internet more and more to find the information they want many might appreciate a profile of your local singing here at this website.

If you want create a profile of your local sing as blog post or a page one way you can let me know is by clicking on the “leave a reply” at the bottom of this post. The mechanisms running the site will send me your reply.