welcome to interested subscribers

Good day friends. I have noticed a surge of subscriber registrations to vtshapenotesingers.com recently. Welcome to all subscribers interested in shape note singing in VT!

Sometimes persons or ‘bots’ who are not actually interested in a website may subscribe to a site with the purpose of spamming the comment section with adds or with other purposes. I think this site is protected from those activities so I’m not too worried. Occasionally¬†the site administrator may ‘clean out’ potentially suspicious subscriber accounts. If you think I (Ian Smiley) do not know you and you really want to continue as a subscriber to vtshapenotesingers.com you may take a moment to send me an email to affirm your interest in the site.¬†You can write to smileyira-at-gmail-dot-com

I am sorry that administration and content contribution on the site is not very active at the moment. Any assistance with administration and contribution of content is most welcome. Just write to me and I will get you started.