Burlington singing schedule

From Kerry Cullinan


Please note the schedule and change listed below of Sacred Harp Singing:

April 8 – Ira Allen
April 15 -Billings Marsh Lounge
Aptril 22 – Ira Allen …. until further notice.

One thought on “Burlington singing schedule

  1. There wasn’t any Shape Note singing in Vermont when I was a boy there, but the past 30 years three singing groups have come & gone here in Charlotte NC. I would like to revive this one more time down here.
    Any ideas on how to get people together to sing – when many have never heard of shape-note singing?
    The Sacred Harp Publishing Co. should have books this December – can’t find any used on-line except for much more than the new price of $20 plus shipping. Is it feasible to use the downloadable PDF s like the 1911 version?
    All advice is appreciated!
    George M. Johnson.
    Charlotte NC

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