Vermont Singings

Regular Sacred Harp Singings meet in many Vermont communities.  Check each community link for details. Depending on community, they happen weekly, monthly, or seasonally.

Every year since 1981, Vermont has held an All-Day Sacred Harp Singing, hosted by alternating groups of local singers. The 2015 Vermont Singing hosted by Middlebury drew singers from 4 countries and 7 states!  UVM/ Burlington hosted the 2016 VT Annual Singing. Norwich will host the 2017 All Day Singing.

The formula for the Vermont All-Day is “the Saturday before the 4th Sunday in March, unless it’s Easter, in which case it’s a week earlier.” The next Annual Vermont All-Day Sacred Harp Singing will be on Saturday, March 25, 2017.

Other singings in Vermont, irregularly or not-ongoing, are The Jeremiah Ingalls Singing, and singings from books other than Denson 1991, like the Champlain Harmony.


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