There are many websites with information useful or interesting to shape-note singers.

The site referred to perhaps before all others is


brough to us by the “Sacred Harp Musical Heritage Association.”

Now many people like


because of amazing collection of recordings of shape-note singing available there.

Since I live in VT I periodically go to


because the singers of Western Massachusetts are near by and they have some of the strongest shape-note gatherings in the world.

I haven’t been to sing in Boston as much but there have been new singings there for at least the last 40 years and here is one of their sites


Of course, the New England Sacred Harp Convention comes through VT every so many years, and a Robert Corfone of Rhode Island manages a site for that event


Some singings don’t have their own web pages, but use social media for web communication. One of these singings is in Montreal

Montreal Sacred Harp Singers

Dr Tom Malone lives in Boston and is from VT where he has offered a couple of shape-note events for many years now

  • Champlain Harmony is book of his tunes we sing from over a weekend in June
  • Jeremiah Ingalls all day singing is an event where we sing from Tom’s revision of The Christian Harmony 1805 of Ingalls and also from The Sacred Harp. Tom may not have an up to date page for this event. Up to date information on the event will appear on my page for the event as well as the calendar on this site.


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