videos in VT

Ian Smiley took another video Pete Sutherland giving a school at St Mike’s in Colchester, VT. Here they sing the shapes for Africa.

Ian Smiley took this video while he was sitting in his chair and singing

A video that Ian Smiley took during a shape-note singing school offered by Pete Sutherland in Bill Ellis’ class at St Mike’s College in Colchester, VT.

Mark Willliams brought his camera to a pre xmas singing in Burlington, VT.

I had my camera with me when Burlington singers were locked out of the chapel and I took this video of everyone singing “Immensity.” My voice on the treble part is in the forefront. I don’t know the part so  well. We were a the Fellinger’s house.

Dr. Thomas Malone has led a weekend of singing from his collection of songs in the shape note style for a few years now. Search YouTube for “Champlain Harmony” for more songs from that book sung by Dr Malone. The Doctor also has a Google website for pertaining to his songbook.

I took this video at one of the weekly singings at the Ira Allen Chapel in Burlington.

I took this video the same evening in Burlington.

A participant in Dr Malone’s South Hero singing school took this video last year. There were so many wonderful moments like this.

Masti took this video of Somen leading a song from the Champlain Harmony in 2011. In this video it took the group a good minute to find a good pitch for the song. You can skip ahead of that if you want.

It might have been the 7th annual Jeremiah Ingalls all day singing last year. Joseph Salzer took this video of us singing a song from the 2005 The Christian Harmony and “Songsters Companion.”

Masti caught Somen leading “Poland” at the 2012 VT all day sacred harp singing last March.

Deborah captured the 2009 Jeremiah Ingalls all day singing with “Hallelujah.”

My sister Moira sang “Dying Californian” with her band years ago in Middlebury, VT at the Festival on the Green.

There are a few more videos of shape-note singing in VT. Some of the videos are from YouTube users “shapenotesing”, “trilliumlane”, and “jsalzer262”.

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